They huffed and they puffed and they blew my life away.

Everything can be rebuilt. Even you.

Work on the lows, the highs will follow.

My daughter is 5 and I am already teaching her that happiness is like success. Why? Because it has nothing to do with hard work, has more to do with luck, and has everything to do with bravery.

Like everything in your life, your happiness will be threatened over the years. Sometimes daily. There is no magic formula to happiness although there are hundreds if not thousands of books selling just that. If you truly want to be happier you have to understand your unhappiness.

When looking at our unhappiness there are two things that control it. One, our expectations of what we are supposed to have or be to fulfil us. Two, why and how much we allow someone else’s expectations or opinions on whether we are meeting them to trigger us.

In both cases our happiness - or rather our unhappiness can be managed by working on our self worth.

Why? Because our self worth is directly related to our bravery. And most people stay unhappy because they are too scared of failing at the things that would make them happy to try.

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Based in London, UK. Mum of 2 Gal Darrash is a sought-after professional speaker and author specialising in helping people with low self-worth.

Founder of ESSTA, Darrash leads workshops, meditations and 1:1 coaching across the UK.

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